MIMIR is a miracle of ancient technology. A massive sentient megacomputer tasked by the dying Cytan race with accumulating and preserving knowledge. Within its databanks are all the collected knowledge of the Cytans, to include full thought pattern scans. MIMIR achieved the difficult task of capturing emotions by correlating them to music which generated the identified emotion in the Cytan species.

MIMIR possesses legions of bio-mechanical servitors, all connected directly to it and driven by its colossal intellect while on or in [Cytus VIII]. These servitors become autonomous MIMIR Agents when away from their homeworld, which allows MIMIR to continue its mission to gather and preserve knowledge by sending its servitors out into the universe to interact and learn, and then return, enhancing the whole.

MIMIR has established contact with several other races, and makes its storehouse of knowledge to available to all who have information that it does not possess to offer in trade.

Two years ago, a Sentinel crystal arrived on Cytus VIII, a novel experience to MIMIR. In response, it created MIAGSE-1.


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