MIMIR Agents


MIMIR Agents are autonomous bio-mechanical constructs of MIMIR sent out into the universe to undertake specific missions, from interaction with other species to deep space exploration. Each agent is fully sentient and independent from MIMIR when away from Cytus VIII with their own objectives, desires, and plans, with three exceptions:

1. All MIMIR agents are tasked with learning as much as possible while performing whatever
independent task they have been assigned.
2. While individual MIMIR agents may have cross-purposes based on their experiences and
objectives, they will not allow other MIMIR agents to be destroyed, through action or
3. All MIMIR agents are imbedded with a directive to return once they have completed their
task, and to accept the directive to return from any other MIMIR agent.

MIMIR agent names are constructed from an acronym identifying what it is, its function, and its number in sequence (e.g., MIAG-EXHN-10 for MIMIR Agent Explorer, Horsehead Nebula, #10). When agents return, their knowledge is assimilated and the agent is reassigned, so the numbers reflect only active agents. As MIAG is a univeral prefix, many agents drop it when interacting with other species, and in fact will generally adopt nicknames given to them by people they interact with.

Physiologically, MIMIR agents resemble native Cytans, however, as constructs, they have no understanding of actually feeling emotions. MIMIR’s records of Cytan emotions are recorded as music which induced the emotion in question in Cytans. Therefore when MIMIR agents are expressing an emotion, they do so aurally with musical notes. All MIMIR agents use a stored Cytan personality archetype for their base, one selected by MIMIR to be most complementary to its task. MIMIR then implants it with the knowledge it will need to conduct the work. While performing its role and learning as much as it can in the process, eventually the agent reaches the end of its memory capacity. At that time, it will start to selectively forget things that were part of its initial makeup to make room for additional knowledge, so an agent that is recently dispatched from Cytus VIII may possess a great deal of knowledge about Cytan history, culture, and the like, it will slowly forget it over time as it absorbs new information to return to MIMIR. Information trades between MIMIR and other cultures are handled in a like manner, with the requested data buried in an agent’s memory, to be replaced with the traded-for data.

MIMIR uses its agents iteratively in its interactions with other species, over time refining them physically and mentally to be best-suited to their role. So an agent that is designed to interact with a species that uses pheremones as part of its communications will possess chemical sprayers, likewise other adaptations, to include subtle refinements to their appearance to make them seem more like the species the agent is interacting with.

MIMIR Agents

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