Many millennia ago, beyond the count of galactic record, a species of profound advancement and anonymity created the Sentinel crystals. These crystals create and adapt the chosen pilot’s will into a vehicle of nearly limitless destructive capabilities. Often they take the form of the giants, heroes, gods, and monsters from the pilot’s culture and home world. Pilots are chosen from all walks of life across all systems and species. One way or another, if a person is in possession of a Sentinel, they were destined for it. No one knows from where they come, or who made them, but each crystal knows who its next pilot is, and traverses the stars to join with them. Legends say that only the truly great or those possessing greatness within them may receive a crystal, while others do great things because they hold one.

The initial joining is called the Adaptation, where the crystal seeks the preferences and shapes the will of the pilot into the form of the Sentinel. Apart from its transformative abilities, the crystal imparts the knowledge and experiences from previous pilots.

Sentinel pilots used to be many and organized. For many centuries they were trusted with settling of disputes across the galaxy….until the Sakaan massacre.
The Sakaan were a reptilian race, whose technology flourished and advancement was quick, under a council of elders chosen by their clutches to represent them to the greater Sakaani people. Agreements between other species and the Sakaan were an economic windfall. Trade flourished, especially from the vast and exotic exports from the home world, including the drug Kaleotephanine or, recreationally, Yellow Strand.

Yellow Strand was harmless to the Sakaani, and useful in standard operations and medical procedures. It is a powerful hallucinogen, especially to non-water breathing species. Its ban wasn’t even a shock to the Sakaan, who immediately banned the sale of it to the galactic community. Since it made many clutches very wealthy, many families produced it and sold it illegally. Sanctions and threats were placed about them by the council only to fall on deaf ears. The clutches made rich by the sale of Yellow Strand, the Sakaan Mercantile Collective officially formed against the council, creating a great political and military divide. With little in the way of actual military, council called for help from Sentinels to help quell the brewing rebellion.

Three arrived to answer the distress. Immediately taking this as aggressive action, the Collective mobilized for war, taking desperate and harsh measures against the Sentinels and the people they were trying to protect. The consequences were disastrous.
Because of the covert tactics used by the Collective, the Sentinels were unable, and soon unwilling, to distinguish friend from foe. The pilots were trapped, pinned down and soon desperate and bitter. The resulting push left a city wide massacre, and soon the Council withdrew its request, starting to fight back against their one time allies. It was too late. The Sentinels and their pilots carved the Sakaan society in ribbons, waging a guerilla war that left billions dead.

Since that moment, nearly a millennia ago, Sentinels have been lulled into traps, exterminated, their crystals taken. Many societies hid crystals they found, unable to destroy them. Many still waged covert operations to eliminate newly identified pilots or even go far enough to extinguish potential candidates.

You have been the recipient of a Sentinel crystal. So far, you have evaded detection and trap. The crystals AI, named and voiced by your will, has identified a priority distress call from another Sentinel on a gas mining station and travel hub in the Lisentia system, close to galactic center in the Norma Arm.

Sentinel Chronicles

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